Breast Buds

Connecting You to Resources


What we do...

Meet New People

Our app allows you to connect with other individuals facing similar risks.

We are building an inclusive breast cancer support network for Breast Cancer patients, survivors, previvors, and those facing difficult decisions around Breast Cancer. We want to connect women and their support systems to a caring peer network . 

Aftercare Support


Our technology empowers those impacted by Breast Cancer with preparation, planning, and implementation of aftercare support and a Breast Cancer Support peer network . By using a vast network of local service providers, we are working to help women all over North America.

Secure Network


Breast Cancer can be one of the most exposing experiences a woman can have in her life.  We want to help connect people in a private, secure, and meaningful peer network .  The privacy of our technology allows members to connect securely with peers, family, and friends. 

It's your journey...

Tell Us About It!

Tell us about your story with Breast Cancer -  we want to hear about your best days, your worst days, the days it feels like nobody understands, the days when it feels like you don't understand.  Tell us what keeps you up at night related to Breast Cancer.

Why connect?

As a Previvor, our founder felt isolated and misunderstood. She wondered if others felt the same way. From this came Breast Buds and until our app is available in the app store, we want to support you. So write us and we will write back!

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