About Us


What We Do


Breast Buds is a platform that connects those impacted by Breast Cancer with essential resources to help with all of your needs from diagnosis to aftercare recovery. 


Peer-to-Peer Network

Breast Buds is a network of peers to connect with who are understanding because we have all been there too. At Breast Buds, we recognize everyone’s fight with Breast Cancer is different, but we want to connect those impacted by Breast Cancer to each other because the feelings of isolation, worry, stress, anxiety, and depression are often far more alike than different. 

So if you are a Breast Cancer patient, survivor, previvor, BRCA+, or high risk sign up today and be a Breast Bud! 


Aftercare Resources

At Breast Buds, we use a private network to connect Breast Cancer patients and their supporters to a local network of aftercare resources to help with everything from daycare to groceries during your recovery.